Business incubator

Business incubator of the Lipetsk State Technical University

In April 2013, the Lipetsk State Technical University established a business incubator for students, aspirants and researchers to provide them with a friendly environment for effective R&D activities, business and social projects.

The business incubator is committed to solving a variety of tasks, that is:

  • Providing support to regional small businesses

  • Linking science and business at initial project stages and promoting innovative entrepreneurship in the academic field

  • Providing students, aspirants and researchers with required facilities to commercialize innovative business ideas (work premises, communication services, access to databases and consulting services)

  • Creating conditions for R&D and innovative activities in Lipetsk universities, youth organizations and small businesses, implementing R&D projects and programs to promote science, entrepreneurship, innovative technologies and conversion projects in the Lipetsk Region

  • Creating and developing data bases and resources in the fields of economy, management, science and engineering (web portals, publication databases and on-line conferences)

  • Developing a marketing program to support small businesses in selling their innovative products and implementing know-how on the domestic and international markets

  • Training and re-training of employees in the fields of economics, management, IT technologies and others to efficiently use the University's innovative potential

  • Doing research to improve innovative potential and efficiency of businesses and the regional economy

  • Participating in federal and regional R&D projects and programs, preparing forecasts and carrying out scientific and economic feasibility studies

  • Cooperating with, and providing support to, innovative organizations (technoparks, business incubators, innovative centers, etc.)

  • Organizing training sessions for small businesses and innovative companies

  • Creating conditions and tools for the commercialization of innovative projects developed by the Lipetsk State Technical University

As distinct from conventional business incubators, the Business incubator of the Lipetsk State Technical University combines the functions of:

  • a business incubator providing support to small businesses in Lipetsk and organizing training sessions for businessmen

  • an innovative center selecting, auditing and monitoring regional innovative projects

  • a technopark facilitating hi-tech production and implementation of advanced technologies

  • engineering center providing engineering services, incl. implementation of production and sale processes, operation and maintenance of industrial, infrastructural and other facilities

  • a coworking center promoting small businesses in Lipetsk and Lipetsk Region, facilitating the exchange of business experience, implementing business ideas, and otherwise assisting to development of the small businesses.

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