Industrial parks

Industrial parks in the Lipetsk Region

Kuznechnaya Sloboda (Lebedyan, Lipetsk Region) is an industrial park located on the premises of STROYMASH, a local engineering company.

STROYMASH is an owner of production assets and facilities, which include all necessary buildings and infrastructure to launch the production of industrial machinery/equipment and domestic appliances within 3–6 months.

The industrial park covers 20 hectares and will be expanded up to 25–30 hectares by 2020.

The area of the industrial park complies with the Industrial Park Standard adopted by the Russian Association of Industrial Parks.

Kuznechnaya Sloboda offers its residents production and storage facilities with a total area of 45,000 sq m (to be expanded up to 90,000 sq m by 2020).

Vacant facilities total 16,000 sq m and have all the infrastructure and utilities required to start the production. Power, gas, water and sewerage capacities are sufficient to satisfy the needs of potential residents.

Infrastructure overview

Electric power

Total capacity: 7 MW (to be increased up to 20 MW by 2020)

Available capacity: 4 MW

Source: 110/10 kV transformer substation


Total capacity: 1,015 cbm per hour

Available capacity: 913 cbm per hour


Total capacity: 7 Gcal

Available capacity: 3.5 Gcal Source: gas-fired boiler house


Total capacity: 182 cbm per hour

Available capacity: 142 cbm per hour

Source: on-site water intake facility


Total capacity: 35 cbm per day

Available capacity: 20 cbm per day

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