Lipetsk Cluster Development Center

Lipetsk Cluster Development Center

The Lipetsk Cluster Development Center is a local organization providing support to small and medium-sized companies and acting as a driver of the regional cluster policy contributing to business environment development and boosting technological progress and economic growth of cluster residents.

Tasks and objectives 

1. The main objective of the Cluster Development Center is to create a favorable environment for effective cooperation between cluster residents, R&D and educational institutions, non-commercial and public organizations, federal and local authorities, and investors aimed at development of the clusters and implementation of joint cluster projects.

2. To achieve the above objective, the Cluster Development Center:

1) Develops cluster projects and investment programs;

2) Monitors investment, R&D and production cluster potential; 

3) Develops and implements joint cluster projects with participation of cluster residents, R&D and educational institutions and other parties; 

4) Arranges for the training, retraining and further training of employees, and provides advisory services to cluster residents; 

5) Facilitates state support to cluster residents; 

6) Facilitates new retail products (services) of cluster residents; 

7) Arranges for conferences and seminars for cluster residents; 

8) Arranges for cluster promotion campaigns in mass media; 

9) Provides specific consulting services to cluster residents; 

10) Provides marketing services; 

11) Provides legal advices; 

12) Provides advertisement services; 

13) Carries out marketing researches on different product-oriented markets; 

14) Provides labor and HR services; 

15) Publishes and prints required materials.

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